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4 Epic Beard Mistakes You MUST Avoid For The Perfect BeardUpdated 4 months ago

Beards aren’t perfect…they’re just not.

Sure you can get it to look perfect in an instance for a photo, maybe with the help of some hairspray or something… 

But in real life, beards aren’t perfect.

Your beard can have up to 20,000 individual hair follicles and some of 
them are going to grow in different directions.

You might have thin spots. You might have swirls. You might have all 
sorts of other weird things going on.

Beards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and we can’t change 
your genetics, so you’re blessed with what you have.
HOWEVER, we CAN help you avoid some mistakes to achieve the perfect beard for YOU.

1. Food and nutrition 

Even though I’m not a doctor, I know from experience and research that eating healthy foods loaded with vitamins and minerals will not only help you live a longer, healthier life, but they’ll help you grow a fuller, healthier beard, too.

Protein and vitamin rich foods are key.

Hydration is going to fall into this category as well. Not only is water vital for life, but it plays a key role in the overall health and how well your beard grows.

2. Neglecting your skin

Once beard hairs emerge from the skin, they are technically considered dead.

The hair follicles located beneath the skin are what continuously generate new cells which results in your hairs continuing to grow.

They key here is that they’re under your skin, so you must take care of the skin to ensure these follicles have a healthy environment to thrive.

Beard oil was created for the skin beneath your beard, so regardless of your beard length make sure you are applying daily!

3. Not trimming

While the wild and free look is a good one, it's not necessarily the best look for everyone and every situation. Trimming is a beast of a topic and it will vary dramatically depending on your personal preference on style, length, and so on.

So while I’m not going to get into it in this video, please see our catalog of trimming videos demonstrating and walking you through various trimming techniques for different styles.

It’s amazing what even a few minutes at home can do to your overall look, and I can tell you from experience when your beard is dialed in, you feel unstoppable.

4. Impatience

Guys we have to be realistic when it comes to our expectations of our beards.

On average, your beard is going to grow about a half inch per month.

This will vary dramatically on your genetics, and also the first couple points I previously made.

Other factors like stress can slow down the growth speed and fullness as well.

We too often see guys give up on their beard before they’ve given it a real shot due to failed expectations and lack of patience.

Your beard will take time to fill in, and will continue to look fuller as your hairs get longer to lay over any thin spots.

If you are frustrated with your growth and feel like giving up, hit us up and we’ll help you through the process to see if there is anything specific we can do for you to help you out. 

Here at Live Bearded it is our mission to help Beardsmen look, feel, and be their best. 
So please let us know how we can help you.

I hope you found this post and video helpful. If you did, make sure to like the video, share the video, and subscribe to the channel for more content. It truly means the world to us.

And as always, Live Bearded, Brother!

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