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How do I enter the giveaway?Updated 3 months ago

Entering the giveaway is simple! If you have received an email from Live Bearded inviting you to participate, just reply to that email with the phrase "I wanna win!" This will confirm that you've received the email and helps ensure that our weekly winner announcements reach you, rather than getting lost in your spam folder.

You can also head over to, simply input your name and email address for your chance to win!

We hold these giveaways every month as a way to raise awareness for our products and to give back to our loyal community. There are daily and weekly prizes, culminating in a grand prize announced at the end of the month. All the giveaway details, including dates and the types of prizes you can win, should be outlined in the email we've sent you.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support - we truly appreciate it!

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