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How to [Quickly!] Fix a Struggling BeardUpdated 4 months ago

If you have a few moments, I’d love to tell you about my friend, Brandon. 

Brandon is an All-American guy… 

The high school quarterback, an avid hunter… just a really solid dude. 
The type of brother to give you the shirt off his back without hesitation.
 (It’s true; I’ve seen him do it!) 

Here’s the thing, though...

His beard... well...


Let’s just say Brandon’s beard needed some work…

Oh, the foundation was there, no doubt about it. He had that coveted mix of 
black and grey hairs with solid length and fullness that many of us would kill for...

But it looked untidy and was driving him CRAZY!  

Hairs wouldn’t lay down. His skin was suuuuuper dry. Itchy. 

Having a beard was becoming more of a nuisance than the glorious gift
 it should be...

In fact, he was *this close* to… 



“I need some help, brother,” he told me. “This beard is out of control.
I might have to cut it...”

“I got you!” I said. “Just try Live Bearded products for a couple of days before
 you shave. If you don’t notice an immediate improvement, then trim it off.
But do me a favor; hold off for a couple of days and give this a shot.”

I hooked him up with a True Beardsman bundle on my dime...

So he tried the three-step process of wash, oil, and butter...

And it was one of the best decisions he ever made. 

1. Our Beard Wash helped moisturize and condition his beard...

 2. Then our Beard Oil quickly resolved his dry skin...

3. And the Beard Butter styled and shaped his beard to perfection.

Boom. Problem gone.

Within two days of using Live Bearded products, his beard felt softer, fuller, 
and infinitely easier to manage…

Not to mention it smelled FANTASTIC! 

This was two years ago and Brandon has been a customer of Live Bearded ever since. 

“It was like night and day,” he said. “I felt the difference almost immediately.
 I was about to shave and am SO thankful I didn’t. Not only did it help my beard, 
I instantly felt more confident and self-assured. That was a nice bonus."

Brothers, if your beard needs a little TLC… 

Be like Brandon…

Give our products a try. 

And now, with our Beard Conditioner scientifically formulated to 
improve your overall beard health, there has NEVER been a
better time to Live Bearded

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