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How to Train and Trim Your Mustache From HomeUpdated 4 months ago

“Go big or go home” - Mustache

Believe it or not, that’s an actual quote, I think.

Ok, as bad as that joke was, your mustache shouldn’t be. I mean, it’s dab smack in the middle of your face.

So if you’re considering growing a mustache of any size, here’s what we recommend.

When it comes to sculpting a killer-looking mustache there are a few things you must have before you get to work.


The number one thing I recommend making sure you have is time.

You NEVER want to try to trim your mustache, or your beard for that matter, if you are in a rush. Make sure to set aside at least 20 minutes so you can take multiple passes at your trim rather than a one-and-done hack job.

You can always take more off, growing it back takes time. Ironic, isn’t it?


Mustache Wax - Every hero has a sidekick, and no glorious stache comes without a good mustache wax.

Our all-natural mustache wax was designed specifically to train and hold your mustache into a handlebar shape or to just tame some unruly hairs down. We offer it in all of our fragrances so you can pair it with your other favorite beard grooming products.

Trimmer - regardless of the length and style of mustache you are after, you’ll need an electric beard trimmer with different guard lengths.

Beard Scissors - if you are looking to grow a handlebar mustache, a pair of high-quality beard scissors are a must.

Comb - this one may seem obvious but a must-have for a proper trim.

Blow Dryer - this one isn’t a must-have per say BUT I will tell you that it makes a huge difference in training the hairs to grow out and twist up.


When it comes to trimming and styling your mustache, we recommend first throwing a little mustache wax in to see what you’re working with before you trim anything off.

If your mustache is a bit unruly we have found a blow dryer to be a great tool to get the hairs to cooperate a bit easier. With your comb in your hand and the blow dryer in the other, follow your comb with some heat and pull to the outside at the same time as you comb up.

With a few passes, you'll quickly see your mustache start to flip up much easier than on its own.

If you plan to train your mustache into a handlebar shape, you only want to trim the hairs in the middle of your lip and allow the hairs on the outside areas to grow long to curl up.

First, comb your mustache down so the hairs are all laying even, then grab your trimmers and start trimming the middle away slightly. Work left and right about the width of your nose, and allow everything outside of that to remain longer.

The mustache wax will train those hairs to stay out of your mouth and over time give you a killer style. When it comes to the ends, use your beard scissors to even the ends out as close as you can.

Apply the wax to pull all the hairs together and make one blunt (even) cut across the tip matching both sides.

How Often Should You Trim Your Mustache?

Because your mustache is nearly the center of your face, you should be grooming it more often than you would a beard or your head hair. I’d recommend checking in and trimming where necessary every week as a good baseline.

Avoid These Mistakes

If there were any mistakes I’d want to never make again it would be not allocating proper time to not be rushed, and going with a style that other people looked great with but me, not so much.

Just because a certain style is “in”, doesn’t mean you should rock it in my humble opinion. I again always stress to guys to make their own decisions and do what makes them happy.

Common Mustache Styles

What’s so great about mustaches is that you can wear them in so many different ways! We are personal fans of the handlebar (I’m personally biased), but there are other great ways to wear one.

The Chevron is a great style with and without a beard. We are also fans of the walrus which is essentially a big and bold version.

That said, we recommend you wear whatever style YOU love most, one of our general rules of thumb is to match your mustache to your beard. So if you have a large beard, grow your mustache full to compliment it well.

That said, it’s been trendy in recent months to rock a shorter beard with a larger stache, and a lot of guys look great with the classic stache-only look. Again, we support whatever makes YOU feel your best.

Even if that means you give a style a shot and don't love it, cut it off and do something different!! We fully support you.

Final Thoughts

I really hope this video was helpful and has encouraged you to rock a mustache that you're proud of. 

Here at Live Bearded, our mission is to help Beardsmen look, feel, and be their best. We are here to support you however we can so let us know how. 

And as always, 

Live Bearded, Brother!

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