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Rewards Program

How to join?

When you join our brotherhood, you’ll earn points on every purchase, unlock exclusive discounts, and access limited-edition products, apparel, and member-only benefits! Plus you'll get 10% Off your first purchase when you join!. Does it cost anything

How do you earn beard bucks?

Earning Beard Bucks is simple and easy! You'll automatically earn Beard Bucks for every dollar spent. Plus, Brotherhood Rewards members can earn bonus Beard Bucks for following and sharing on social media, submitting product reviews on our website, a

How do you spend beard bucks?

Spending Beard Bucks is quick and easy. All you have to do is log into your rewards account and click on "My Rewards", from there you'll see what active discounts you have available. Click "Manage Rewards" to find out what other discounts you qualify

How does the "Give $5, Get 500 Beard Bucks" referral program work?

Great question! For every bearded brother you refer, they will get $5 off their first purchase and you will get 500 Beard Bucks! 500 Beard Bucks is redeemable for a $5 off gift card, or you can let the Beard Bucks accumulate for $10, or $20 off your

Do Beard Bucks expire?

Heck no! Those Beard Bucks are all yours, you earned 'em!